Prometheus on mars

USS Prometheus in a shipyard on Mars.

The USS Prometheus was a warship in the Universal Federation. It was the first ship of its class and was the most advanced starship in the Federation at the time. Its maximum capacity was 2000 including the crew but normally ran on a crew of 300. It was heavily involved in the United Rebel Front and Covenant conflicts and was thought to be the Federation's flagship by the Covenant for most of the war.


  • 4 Standard Phaserbanks
  • Armor Plating
  • Polarized Hull
  • 6 Archer Torpedo Launchers
  • 10 Railguns
  • 1 Magnetic Acceleration Cannon
  • Warp Reactor
  • Trans-light Engine
  • 4 Impulse Engines

Command CrewEdit

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