The Battle of the Border is hailed as being the first battle fought by the newly formed Universal Federation under a single banner. It is also the fitst in a line a victories leading to the eventual defeat of Species 10030 by the Federation.

Battle of the border

The Battle of the Border took place between the Norma Arm and the Galactic core, just barely inside the Beta Quadrant.

Before the BattleEdit

  • USS Voyager, trapped in the Delta Quadrant, unwittingly shifts the balance of power which allows an alien group called The Covenant to sweep through the unsuspecting systems and take them over one by one.
  • The Covenant accidentally releases Species 10030 while exploring ruins of an extinct race they worship as gods. Quickly realizing their mistake the push it back and contain it in a Forerunner facility.
  • The Borg releases Species 10030 again but are unable to assimilate members of the species and are crushed due to engagements with it, Voyager and Species 8472.
  • In 2381, the Universal Federation is formed and declare all out war with Species 10030.

The BattleEdit

On September 9, 2381, 400 starships, lead by Captain Chakotay on Voyager, engaged Species 10030 on the border between the Beta and Delta Quadrants. The newly formed Universal Federation was unsure of its power in the time preceding the battle but when the 400 ship fleet had assembled to head off SP 130030, it was a formidable assembly.


The Universal Federation's amalgamated fleet arrived at the coordinates calculated to be the next position for SP 10030 aproximately one half hour before the enemy was believed to arrive. However, after waiting nearly an hour past the estimated time of arrival, it was believed they had missed them. Fearing that the marauders were soon to terrorize the homefront, Chakotay ordered the fleet to turn around and head back. Unfortunately, just as they were preparing to go to warp, the opposing armada arrived and assaulted the 400 ship force.

Opening of the ConflictEdit

The Federation, being caught off guard was forced to turn back again and open up their weapons arrays while under heavy fire. Many of the ships which moved right into the fray were borded almost immediately and turned back on their previous owners. Farily quickly, the Federation reallized this tactic and tried desperately to avoid close quarters combat. However, SP 10030 began sending swarms of fighters on collision courses and using these to take ships.

The VortexEdit

Much of the debris from the early engagement came to rest as a sort of no-man's-land in the middle of the battle space. This area became known as the Vortex because of the countless currents in the wreckage and the fact that almost any contigent that entered it was blown to oblivion by the oposing fleet and by the debris itself. For nearly two hours, only small skirmishes ensued in the Vortex. However, by the second hour of the battle, both fleets decided to move in and soon found themselves entangled with one another.Both fleets took heavy losses in this encounter and it seemed more and more like the entire battle would end in a tactical draw.

Chakotay's RideEdit

Captain Chakoty took the flagship USS Voyager as well as a contingent of Klingon Warbirds around to the side and beyond the Vortex and began bombarding the enemy flank. He then ordered the group to fly directly into the side of SP 10030 to take out what they could. They managed to cut through a significant part of the enemy but took a hit which mortally wounded Chakotay.

Final PushEdit

With the passing of Captain Chakotay, his first officer, Tom Paris, took command of the fleet. With both armadas in disarray, Paris ordered a quick withdrawal from the fray and the Universal Federation fleet pulled away from SP 10030 and reformed rapidly. 10030 was caught in the moment and began to give chase but as they reached the space on the Beta Quadrant side, A column headed by Voyager struck into the center of the disorganized pursuit and spread from the inside out. However, Voyager was damaged so heavily durring the battle that it was never to be repaired again.

After the BattleEdit

The casualty reports set the total dead and missing Federation crewmen at somewhere between 700 million and 1.5 billion (due to the invlovement of the Borg). The total dead of Species 10030 is unknown. After the battle, Admiral Janeway comissioned the construction of a new, more advanced ship, USS Annika Hansen, using the salvaged parts from the USS Voyager. However this ship was not built for another 150 years.